Igwachanya Gets Dental Care Print
Friday, 30 December 2011 14:55

Dental care in Igwachanya was virtually non-existent before we opened our dental clinic in November of 2010. Before then, the nearest dentist was a two hour bus ride away. Since the opening of the clinic we have been able to serve over 2,500 people in the area with free and low cost dental care.

One of the neediest groups in Igwachanya are the children. Our dentist and staff have been doing outreaches to the local primary schools to provide dental education as well free screenings and a free tooth brush and toothpaste. It is troubling to enter primary schools and meet groups of 400-500 students and find that only a handful had ever seen dentist before, and most did not own a toothbrush. Those that did brush their teeth would typically use twigs to do so.

Your support enables us to continue to reach out to these needy students and provide them with high quality free dental care. Thank you for your continued generosity towards Kuza Project. I encourage you to visit our website and make a donation to ensure that more children get these vital services.

Students gathering to listen to our dentist as she shares about proper dental care