Two New Business Associations PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 December 2011 14:55

Earlier this year the Kuza Project team launched two new business associations, one in Mlanagli and one in Igwachanya. The aim of these associations is to invest in groups of women that are working together to lift their families out of extreme poverty.
Both groups submitted business plans and budgets to our Tanzanian staff, and both have chosen to start businesses focused on breeding chickens for eggs and meat. Over the last several months our staff and the local agriculture officers have been coaching these women on proper business techniques, and on how to successfully run a livestock business and they are all fully prepared to be successful.  With the businesses now launched we will continue to work with them by providing support and training to ensure their ongoing success.

The profits from these businesses are shared among the women, most of whom are widows taking care of children. The additional income will be used to provide school fees, basic health care, and meet any major unexpected expenses that arise. Thank you for making this happen! Your support has allowed us to help 20 more women and their families begin the journey out of poverty.