Building Homes and Providing Livelihood PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 May 2012 13:57

Four families have finished building new homes recently and we are honored to be part of their journey to self-sustainability. Cecilia Wilomo, Adela Kimbangala, Atuvyembe Sodike, and Neema Msigwa all have new homes now thanks to your generosity through Kuza Project. These familes build their own bricks by hand and then hire a technician to assist them in the planning and construction of the home. While they purchase some materials like doors and windows, most of the home is literally built brick by brick with their own hands. They are fully invested in their journey out of poverty! Traditional beliefs are a powerful obstacle to our work in Tanzania. Neema faced oppostition building her new home and was afraid she might be harmed by local withdoctors. However, our staff prayed for her and worked with her during the process, eventually helping her see God's blessing and purpose for her life. She agreed to continue building the home and has now been blessed with both a new home and a newfound faith in Jesus. Here is Neema with her son standing in front of their new home. Other families are being blessed with a new source of income, giving them the gift of a livelihood for a new future for their family. Dimon Mwilongo (pictured below) stands in front of his maize farm. His participation in agricultural training has helped him succeed and create a new source of income for his family. Other families receive livestock to breed and raise, providing them with both needed nutrition as well as income.