We support the operations of a medical clinic that serves as the primary medial care for a region with nearly 20,000 residents. Our medical staff are equipped to treat the leading causes of death in Tanzania including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, lower respiratory infections, prenatal condition, and malaria.


We support primary and secondary education for children in Igwachana and Mlingali. Students enrolled in our program are equipped with shoes, uniforms and the necessary school supplies.

Women-led Business Associations

These associations are comprised of over 200 women that run three retail shops, a tailoring business, a livestock rearing project, a timber forestry project and a micro finance institution. Profits from the association are invested in growth opportunities, community development projects, and to provide a safety net to meet the extraordinary needs of association members. The associations also coach and train other associations in neighboring villages with best practices for growth and development.

Kuza Clinic Serves Thousands PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 May 2012 14:00

Our dental clinic in Igwachanya continues to bless the community with free and inexpensive care they would otherwise not have access to. Since the opening of the clinic we have been able to serve over 2,500 people in the area with free and low cost dental care. In addition to dental care, the clinic also offers health screenings and midwifery services for women. In the first qurater of this year alone, more than 40 women have given birth at the clinic and 100 have received a free health screening. Overall, our clinic has seen nearly 400 patients in 2012 alone. Your support enables us to continue to reach out to these communities and provide them with high quality care. Thank you for your continued generosity towards Kuza Project. I encourage you to visit our website and make a donation to ensure that more women and children get these vital services.

Building Homes and Providing Livelihood PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 May 2012 13:57

Four families have finished building new homes recently and we are honored to be part of their journey to self-sustainability. Cecilia Wilomo, Adela Kimbangala, Atuvyembe Sodike, and Neema Msigwa all have new homes now thanks to your generosity through Kuza Project. These familes build their own bricks by hand and then hire a technician to assist them in the planning and construction of the home. While they purchase some materials like doors and windows, most of the home is literally built brick by brick with their own hands. They are fully invested in their journey out of poverty! Traditional beliefs are a powerful obstacle to our work in Tanzania. Neema faced oppostition building her new home and was afraid she might be harmed by local withdoctors. However, our staff prayed for her and worked with her during the process, eventually helping her see God's blessing and purpose for her life. She agreed to continue building the home and has now been blessed with both a new home and a newfound faith in Jesus. Here is Neema with her son standing in front of their new home. Other families are being blessed with a new source of income, giving them the gift of a livelihood for a new future for their family. Dimon Mwilongo (pictured below) stands in front of his maize farm. His participation in agricultural training has helped him succeed and create a new source of income for his family. Other families receive livestock to breed and raise, providing them with both needed nutrition as well as income.

Two New Business Associations PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 December 2011 14:55

Earlier this year the Kuza Project team launched two new business associations, one in Mlanagli and one in Igwachanya. The aim of these associations is to invest in groups of women that are working together to lift their families out of extreme poverty.
Both groups submitted business plans and budgets to our Tanzanian staff, and both have chosen to start businesses focused on breeding chickens for eggs and meat.

Igwachanya Gets Dental Care PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 December 2011 14:55

Dental care in Igwachanya was virtually non-existent before we opened our dental clinic in November of 2010. Before then, the nearest dentist was a two hour bus ride away. Since the opening of the clinic we have been able to serve over 2,500 people in the area with free and low cost dental care.

Lupembe Cow Project PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 December 2011 14:54

Global Family Rescue now Kuza Project has been working with a women’s business association in Lupembe for the last three years. As the women have continued to grow and reach out to others in the community, and have proven successful in their enterprises, we have steadily increased our investments. Today this association runs a tailoring business, small retail store, and microcredit project that is providing a sustainable livelihood for 30 women in this remote village.

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