10 Families Now Self-Supporting

Great things are happening through Kuza Project! Today we have 10 new families that are now self-supporting. After completing our program and meeting regularly with our staff, all 10 families are now no longer receiving donations and are able to support themselves each month. They continue to receive advice and counsel from our staff on a regular basis, but they have successfully been able to provide for their own financial needs for more than three months now. This is truly an exciting accomplishment for these families and our ministry. We continue to see how our model creates dignity and self-sufficiency for the families we serve. Each of these families was deep in poverty prior to joining our ministry. Now they are thriving and their lives and the lives of their children will be forever changed. Of course, this could not be possible without gifts and donations from people like you. It is because of you that these families have been lifted out of poverty. Thank you for your generosity!