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Posted on December 31, 2021
As you know, 2021 has been an extraordinary year. Covid continues as a global pandemic, but we are blessed that it has not been a serious problem in the villages we serve. While we have been spared from the ravages of Covid, the poverty and health issues that remain continue to devastate school age children. We are addressing these health issues with our initiatives and ongoing projects. This year, Kuza Project launched an exciting new initiative. the Sunflower Project, to partner with 100 farm families in the Wanging’ombe district. Over the course of 24 months we will help improve their socio-economic

2014 Trip to Tanzania

Posted on May 28, 2014
I have just returned from my annual trip to Tanzania.  Each time I go I am reminded of a few very important things: I must go annually to oversee the projects, but more importantly to personally face the complexity of eradicating poverty. The guiding principles of Kuza Project are as true and relevant today as the day they were established. Do not do for others what they can do for themselves. Have a deep respect for the local culture (they do a lot of things right). The ideas, projects, and initiatives must come from the area we serve, not our

10 Families Now Self-Supporting

Posted on January 22, 2013
Great things are happening through Kuza Project! Today we have 10 new families that are now self-supporting. After completing our program and meeting regularly with our staff, all 10 families are now no longer receiving donations and are able to support themselves each month. They continue to receive advice and counsel from our staff on a regular basis, but they have successfully been able to provide for their own financial needs for more than three months now. This is truly an exciting accomplishment for these families and our ministry. We continue to see how our model creates dignity and self-sufficiency

Craig’s Trip to Africa

Posted on July 15, 2012
“Jambo” and greetings from Tanzania! I’ve recently returned from a great visit in Africa. This was the first time I’ve traveled alone to Tanzania. Usually, I am traveling with a group from the United States and we spend a lot of time adjusting to the culture. But since I was by myself, it was a great opportunity to slow down and take a step back to really pray about our ministry and see God at work in all the things we’re doing. The work we’re doing in all three villages (Mlanagli, Igwachanya, and Lupembe) continues to thrive and reveal how

Craig Swett in Africa

Posted on May 25, 2012
As you read this, board member Craig Swett is on his way to Africa to spend time with Kuza Project partners and greet the families that benefit from your generosity. From assisting in projects and visiting schools to meeting with midwives and the local church leadership, Craig will be share about his experience after he returns next month. Stay tuned for more details on his trip…