When Women Get Together, Great Things Happen

It is amazing to see the change that has taken place with some of our women’s associations. Many of these women have children and are widowed, so our ability to come alongside them and coach them as they form and grow groups that work together and share the profits is critical to their long-term success. We provide assistance by coaching them on their business plans, encouraging them, and providing financial assistance as needed to purchase equipment, livestock or supplies to get their ideas off the ground.

In Lupembe, more than 30 women (and the number continues to grow) are working together to raise cows and chickens. They’re also learning great lessons! The local government agricultural officer assists in the health and well-being of the livestock, yet some of the chickens have died because of disease. Still, they move forward. Two of the three of the cows have provided calves and are now also providing milk. The milk is used to sell at local markets and also as a much needed source of nutrition in an area where protein is not a regular part of their diet.